Saturday, May 31, 2008

Herbal sauna

Herbal sauna (steambath) @ Tun Sardon, Balik Pulau.

On Thursday I had my first HERBAL sauna experience up at "The View" (our mtb (mountainbike) team used to term this place so) . We 3x went up there after work. I was not that well prepared. I only brought shampoo, towel, hair treatment wax and 1 set of changing clothes.

The other two apparently have addicted to it. :) Yesterday when they ajak me again, I said YES. So...this time we 5x went up again. Ah ha, this round I was all armed loh. I remembered to bring along lock & key, shower cap & skin care (face & body) products liao.

Sunset view

The entrance to the sauna room. Free ginger tea available.

The corridor.... at the end there got canteen (for you to order food if you are hungry)

After the 1st round of sauna ....all wet.....