Sunday, June 01, 2008

Bids II (cont)

I forgot about these two pending items (ha!) until Cat told me to collect them.

勾織蕾絲領雪紡上衣 (NT499)

普普風多色條紋圓領短袖T (NT340)

Overall satisfactory level : 9/10

Handcarry items got tag along taiwan mari punya biscuits..... tq Cat!

I bought a vegetable juice recipe at Popular book fair for mum since she had bought a brand new 'WASH-friendly' blender/juicer from 'pasar', korean-brand. (Moulinex juicer go to #%$#*& lah! Wash like hell after each extraction)

The other two books which were bought earlier also have become 'usable' now kua .... especially the face mask one.