Saturday, October 04, 2008

Am I overcharged?


Get those posh lamps what for? I kena tembak, "Hmm sat zhai! ". :(

Kena charged RM160 for the above.
First row : The 'hmm sat zhai' light ->change to fluorescent lamp and por hwei.
2nd row : Another 'hmm sat zhai' light -> change to fluorescent lamp too and por hwei on hole.
3rd row (left) : relocate this power block to avoid heavy rain.
3rd row (right): Change to a new one with cover.
4th row : fluorescent lamp host got loose connection, change to another new one.
5th row : I suspect socket got patah kaki inside, whatever kaki I put inside will eventually bengkok, so sekaligus change also lah.

Am I overcharged? but one thing good is they are fast in service lah.