Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nightmare after Gopeng trip @ Adeline's Resthouse

The bruise story.

The bruise at knee was caused during BODY RAFTING at the river, which was actually an unexpected event during white water rafting. Through this body rafting, I have finally experienced how panic one could be during drowning, with water keeps on flushing into our mouths, couldn't breathe at all! The whole body is carried by the water flow solely, thus your body parts could hit simply anywhere. In my case, my knee hit the rock. :(

The itchiness story.

My hands and legs started to get itchy the night when I came back from Gopeng. 5 out of 8 of us got such itchiness but mine is the worst. They (my colleagues) suspected that it's the food allergy woh. So I also buat acuh tak acuh.

Day 3: The red spots couldn't subside at all. Each one of them is very itchy!

Day 5 : It get worsen. I got new red spots 6-8x on the left face and also right arm .....I started to get panicky. I went to panel Dr and it's confirmed not food allergy but insect bites! which I must have BROUHGT BACK from there! through my bag etc...then putting in my room when unpacking.....then the insects or mites jumping onto my bed.....

Dr said as long as the insects are not caught, I will continue to get those new bites. He advised me to immediately take all mattress, blanket, bolster, pillow & etc (e.g.clothings , bags...) which come into contact with the belongings I brought back from there out for sun-baking!

Day 6 : The red spots didn't seem to soothe. Therefore I was pressured to consult skin specialist.
I went for Dr. Ong Too. He said the same thing as my panel Dr, also insect bites, not food allergy! He told me the same thing - to CATCH the insects, if not....never ending bites!

Immediately coming back from clinic, I emptied my room and used clorox to mop & clean all, take all out again to bake under the damn HOT SUN.

Day 7 : After taking Ong Too's medication, it soothed a lot, most obviously on the face and the left elbow one.