Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bulgaria Night Shots

These are some of the photoshots that I 'pinjam' from other floggers who attended the Penang Floggers 4th gathering @ Vintage Bulgaria.

You can see more photos with faces here.

At first, siam siam siam the camera from!! He wanted to take soooo close shot leh! Scared oi.

Later, asking Yummy Station to shoot for me since he got very ho liao de camera mah!

Adui, hair not properly combed yet leh! Tak bagi tau pun....No focus on the camera somemore! :)

Thanks to Ken from for making the big round face become oval a bit.

This one OH NO!!!!!!!!!!! TOOO CLOSE odi lah! Must blurrrrrrrrrrrrrr it first before showing.

Adui, Ken cakap ada nice black and white photoshot, I mah nak try loh! OMG! Men-siasui-kan leh me.

All the female floggers of that night.