Sunday, January 22, 2006

Vmag gifts!

Ha! Won again! This time it is this V MAG -August /- Loreal Professional Absolut Repair worth of RM209.00. Hmm...I can still recall this issue was actually free one *wink*

I have won the items below so far from participating those promo contests in V MAG.

2003- Bobbi Brown.

The first (and huge too) gift that I won from V Mag was the Bobbi Brown Promotion 1st Prize hamper for worth of RM1500. This item was sent < 2 months after participation therefore I could remember well that this contest required a chinese slogan one!

That time I was not given any notice letters prior to their delivery therefore I received it in BIG surprise! I could still remember when I came down after bathing and saw the hamper in the living room, I asked " Wah, whose one?! For us one ah?!" "Yours one". "Who send one?! When send here one?" "Neh, JUST only, nah that lorry still outside."

From Bobbi Brown onwards, the gifts below kai chuk loi :) :

Loreal Invincible product RM80.00
LOTR coin box, very ‘milo-tin’ but ‘priceless’.
Parkson Voucher RM50.00
Fudge Dynamite RM49.00
Loreal Curl Mist & Liss Extreme Shine Perfecting Serum RM100.00

Also from other free magazines and newspapers :
Guerlain gift set RM150.00
Clearasil 3-in-1 set RM20.00
I-Green Resurge 3-in-1 set RM60.00

The V MAG notice/letter was always sent many months later after the participation date. Therefore for most of them I couldn't recall what slogans I have written, if there was any such requirements. What I know is I participated mostly chinese version one nia lah.