Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Magic Tree

magic tree
Aiyah! Very sorry lah I missed out the '0 hour' leh.

OK, it is actually a dry plain 'cardboard' (trunk) with the purple/pink-coloured tips at the 'branches'. You fix the trunk in the X-cross position so that it stands still there. Then you pour the special liquid into the plastic container. The trunk will absorb the liquid and the branches will then blossom.

I first came across such type of magic tree back in year ~1998/99. I was at IMR (Institute of Medical Research), KL that time doing my industrial training. One of our labs' pakcik sold them and I bought a few pax from him. I bought the big garden style, single tree style and etc. He was rather secretive when I asked him from where he got such kind of funny stuffs. I just got to know "from Taiwan". I tried to hunt for these thingy after all those which I 'planted' finish withering. But....chuey boh leh!

Oh ya, if you do not protect them well enough from being accidentally shaken or touched by people, the 'flowers' will drop easily like snow.

I've never seen the similiar thing again until the last Xmas season when I was at Gurney Plz. I bought them immediately when I saw them - for Heng's Xmas makan festival.

Heng brought this to office today finally so that I can show her the 'how-to'. Don't worry, she still has another two at house to try on her own, hiak hiak!

Many of my colleagues have never seen such thingy before. The tree was placed at my hanging cabinet during 'monitoring' period and thus the cabinet was being opened many times by people including myself to check on the 'blossoming status'. Ha!