Tuesday, January 31, 2006

粤翠轩 (Yue Cui Xuan) or 翡翠阁 (Fei Cui Ge) ?!

These were the wet wipes I kept since Jan 20th. The packaging was so damn nice leh, 我不舍得用啦! :) It got lucky numbers at the back also oh.

There was a lunch treat by vendor at Jade Blossom (粤翠轩), Krystal Point. They ordered the CNY set of 8 courses one oh. If it was a 收工宴 or our own funtions then of course the pictures of those dishes would have already been posted here long long time ago. :) However, it was not leh and I really could not be that thick skinned sitting in front of them taking the photos whenever the course was being served. I believe if I were to do so, they would definitely thought that I am either iao lur , 吃痴 or siao one! Anyhow, the courses were nice indeed.Yummylicous~~~~~~~~!

There was a little joke on the name of the restaurant before we went there. Actually this was not our 1st time there. We have in fact been treated several times previously at this restaurant too. The name of the restaurant is 粤翠轩 (Yue Cui Xuan), but then don't know why, could it be the name was too difficult to pronounce, or some people did not even know how to pronounce either the 1st or the 3rd word or both that....

somebody asked me," At 翡翠阁 (Fei Cui Ge) hor? The one at Krystal Point?!" "Who said 翡翠阁 (Fei Cui Ge)?! Got new restaurant opened there after 粤翠轩 (Yue Cui Xuan) meh?! "
"Neh, just now I mentioned and one of them said that restaurant's name that we went last time is 翡翠阁 (Fei Cui Ge)?!"
"Har? Kum tou tak ah? How can 粤翠轩 (Yue Cui Xuan) become 翡翠阁 (Fei Cui Ge) one?"

Haha! The only similiarity is the middle word. See?! Luckily there is only one chinese restaurant there, if there got another one so coincidentally called 翡翠阁 (Fei Cui Ge) which is more 'user-friendly' to remember or pronounce then you mah drive your customers to nextdoor loh?! Why not this restaurant put han yu pin yin (汉语拼音) wordings at the bottom or somewhere near the big jiao pai huh?!