Thursday, February 02, 2006


Che 4 初四- we three (Lena, Lilian and I) met up with Erlin at E-闸星巴克 (E-gate Starbucks lah). Going out in four is yeah! if you look like the S&C gang. If not then you'll become the DH, ha! We managed to 'jom' the sofa set of four but then later on I found out that this might not be a good choice coz my neck turned 'sour' leh due to the space in between the two opposite sofas was far and thus we got to sit slantingly towards the front in order to listen to what others talked. Well, you can avoid doing so by talking really really LOUD and covers the voice volumn of the surrounding lah. :)

Japanese kue ka pek

After that we dropped by Lena's house. This one was 'kum' from her house one. The Japanese kue ka pek. Nice packaging and nice BOX too hehe.....

p/s: S&C - Sex & The City, DH - Desperate Housewives