Wednesday, February 01, 2006


yi mai fu zhuk
Che 3 gathering at my house. This gang is usually about 10 persons or less. This has been carried out for several years already, easily 5 to 6 years?! Each year the time was getting later and later and the group was getting smaller and smaller too. Initially was 7.30p.m, then as years passed by, it became like until 8.00p.m. still small cat two three pieces. Plus some could not attend somemore one leh due to personal affairs.

The Yi mai fu zhuk is a must since YC always said that she only ate this once in a year and it was at my house during CNY. Other than that, the gang will HAVE TO sponsor some food or titbits loh. I did not take the photos of those tit bits liao coz we were busy 'transferring data' once we sat down :)

Attendees : YC, Lena, WM, EP, MC, Lilian, LK and lastly CC and BZ dropped by after 12 midnight.

The gathering dismissed at 1.30a.m.