Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hold me tight, put me down, leave me alone

Today I went and trimmed my hair at a saloon nearby the market. Mind you, I did not prepare anything on 'myself' before CNY.

As usual, I browsed through the HK magazines and read about this article back in 2004 talking about him (颜伟福- 白花油王子). There was one phrase he quoted from a book he once read that - during a kid's growth, you can summarize it as "Hold me tight, put me down, leave me alone" and elaboration blah blah blah. He said this could also apply on a relationship development and so on and so forth blah blah blah. Both also true heh?! To all the mothers and lovelorn ones, you agree boh?! *wink*

FYI,a little bit of 8 kuar here if you don't know who this fellow is ah. Did you ever come across one MTV which you doubted whether it is an advertisement leh or a MTV leh?! The MTV showed one botak guy singing with the song's lyrics shown at the bottom but then on and off the screen shows you the scenes that they apply the ointment or something like that. Har lah! He is this 'singer' loh. He used to self-subsidize his own albums one. Un liao boey?!