Friday, November 03, 2006

Fat tou yao for! Si peh TL.

There were people who SNEAK into my blog. Yes, I use this term coz
(i) they were not 'invited' by me.
(ii) they never come in front of me saying "Hey, I read your blog lah or blah blah blah" at least acknowledging me.

Disclamer : This does not apply to those who came in through the site that I subscribed to or through the search engine on certain topics randomly.

I have so far met two uninvited guests only who came confessing to me that they did so. I appreciated that. :)

I stress again over here. If you are not humorous, narrow-minded, religion-biased, racist, easily irriated, someone who does not know the internet languages or the meaning of those ":)" icons or sort of, DON'T read my blog coz you may interprete what I said here using your own 'tone'.

I do not want a term likes 'comment / opinion/ point of view ' ended up becomes 'curse'. I do not wish what and how I express my feeling here being distorted.

Whatever 'conversation' I wrote here or quoted here, I have already talked or did the same to the persons I mentioned or quoted, so please dun cho gao gao. We are kam cheng enough to let me write in the tone I used to write. Mind your own business.

For those who were giggling there thinking that I did not know who you were - who sneak into my blog since day one - please go and polish up your skill, you have never been invisible to me at any one time. I remained silent coz I was patient enough. Go and learn the ethics of reading blogs.

If you dare to sneak into my blog to read, dare to put comments or suggestions at my blog after reading. Do it too with your REAL NAME or nick which I know, not anonymous.

Again.... THIS IS MY BLOG! Don't read if you think it's not your cup of tea.