Friday, November 03, 2006


I will surely be very MAD....

If my trip to Shanghai was cancelled due to my passport went missing due to the tour guide being so damn helpful filling up the forms for a foreign worker, a couple or more when he was supposed to take care of us the tour members. By the time he filled up two and could not continue to third, it was already too late. Passport already kena sapu. The whole group of 35 could not fly. Sayang...Long raya holiday, leaves already applied, losing so much time and energy. So unforgivable uh. That airport camera somemore could not trace the thieves coz angle punya pasal. Even if they managed to catch, so what, the trip was no longer possible to proceed.

BUT then, I will not be MAD anymore.......

IF each of us (the victims) were given RM10k. I do not mind to lose this trip. I do not mind going to apply for a new passport again. With RM10k, I can go to Shanghai during other non-peak seasons with lower rate RM2500 + Italy RM6000; or Taiwan RM2000 + Bangkok RM1500 + East Coast USA RM5000; or Tibet RM5000 / Silk Road RM5000 + ............. (Wahlau! siao liao me when think of this!:)

I salute the taukeh for being so generous and well-versed with winning 'business' strategy. Y, this is exactly like what you mentioned last time, one cable car dropped and the whole cable line's passengers were compensated with RM2k each.

Tell me, if they compensate you with RM10k, will you still be mad?!