Thursday, November 16, 2006


I just could not understand how come those people who behaved entirely different in front vs at the back of their papas managed to get away for what they have done. How come these papas continue to believe their daughters(or sons) are working fine with the rest? Are the papas aware of that? or are they closing one eye and opening one eye?! :)

For example, "Yes, yes, yes.....hmm....yes yes yes....but Mr. (or Ms) so and so said hor, this one no good.....cannot use.....I told him oledi......but he said he insisted like that wor...."

Hey, in front of your papa talking about your own business enough lah. Why got to DIG those people names out in order to back up or defend yourself as if you are so damn innocent meh. Somemore the history of everything was brought up even the little tiny unofficial conversation between you two little casts.

Sometimes we as the third party hearing such kind of conversation really 'cold-sweating' man ! I could not imagine what reaction the Mr. (or Ms.) so and so will have if he (or she) was to know this person talking like this to the papa behind him (or her), backstabbing him (or her). Somemore those kind of intonations used during the conversation were not meant for the whole incident or the parties involved but to this fella alone nia nia due to attitude problem mah.

This type of person just doesn't know how to weigh. If you are good enough you no need to say bad about people. You only got to drag people's names out when you are lame.

Lame. lame . lame.