Monday, April 09, 2007

Ladies, be shu nu.

Lei Kar Yan (cantonese) has always been many guys' lui shan (queen). I was kinda curious (ok, 8 kuar lah) on how she 爆粗 and how 粗 is 粗. Since the newspaper big big title write like that...mana boleh lepaskan heh?! Teng teng teng teng, that's this one that I searched. Go!

So ladies, make sure the next time you want to scold somebody, don't scold over the phone. Hmm...of coz not only restricted to super rich man/woman lah since nowadays telephone recording can be pretty normal right?! But hey, he or she may be equipped with this kind of tool also if you scold him / her face to face, and you won't know too right?! leh? Either you fat lan char / fire/ shoot / scold in 'good' decent manner or you SWALLOW all lah. Breathe in breathe patient.....forgive forgive forgive.......

Can or not?! for me, I think like that I will kuk hei and die faster loh. :p