Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Like's and Dislike's

The other night this fellow was talking about his dislikes (mainly on ppl's behaviour or attitude) and most of us were astonished at what and how he reacted to it.

I started to think about what I dislike.

I dislike....
ppl who always take take take and seldom offer.
ppl who always act like she/he knows lotsa things and lack of humbleness.
ppl who is big mouth.
ppl who is stingy.
ppl who likes to pick on ppl's words and stir on it.
ppl who likes to act - faking herself as noble.
ppl who is extremely biased towards one thing.
ppl who always claimed he is not materialistic (you know... by mouth nia).
ppl who has affair with 窝边草.

安啦! I am not 圣人. I dislike ppl, ppl dislikes me too.:)