Sunday, November 25, 2007

Never stop learning huh! Pooh!

Remember that phone loss in my office? That loss forced me to either switch or learn up or try -to- get- myself-used -to operate at least 5x phones before departing to Taiwan.

After I was back from Taiwan, there went another 2x (HTC touch (see pic below) & i-mobile) before I settled down with another one Nokia 2630 (after I traded in the 'sucks' phone (which I bought b4 going Taiwan) at a very ultra low price, OUCH! pain!) . There went a total of 8x. Yoho! I am good in learning up new phone now, aint' I?! Cis! Don't you believe it k? In reality, I f* hate it!

After borrowing for ~ 2 wks, I helped to sell away this HTC touch. Due to one potential lelong buyer stood me up late of the night, I 'for kwan' already and sold it to colleague at very forgiving price the next day. I didn't want to sacrifice another few nights of sleep liao lah. see?! Well, after all, it's a pay lang cheng (hokkien) price to the phone's owner and to this colleague too, no profit gain. Happy for both parties! I am the middle man that kepoh nia.

OK, after 8x phones of learning curve, here's another one. Teng teng teng teng, a new camera. If you were to ask me whehter I love it or hate it?! ARGH! Both also got lah! This learning curve gonna beat the HTC touch, I guess!

All of you should know that the pathetic old nikon camera of mine was not in good shape for nearly a year right? I had put on hold several times of urge in buying one to replace it. I put a rubber band to tie up the battery compartment, I bear with the loss of AA battery power for THISSSSS long and I even had to sacrifice the food pic quality of mine (a big SORRY , in fact!) . So here now came the chance for me to get it :)