Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sakura Charity Festvl

Sakura Charity Festvl @ Traders Hotel

1) RM5 ticket for admission

2) Each person was only allowed to buy 5x items,excluding clothes.

3) Each time about ~30 persons going in, you are given 7 minutes to buy only!!!!

Wahlau ei.....that's all that I managed to pick loh. see below...

Left pic 4x items each RM3 (for the kids), the most right pic RM15 (for my own).

The first few rounds of ppl have already sapu all the big items like golf sets, cane material of mu4 ma3, toy sets, kitchenware and etc. I was like at the 5th or 6th round liao, so the clothes were all kena hiao ah + hian ah + peng ah until I also did not know where were the kids wear, where were the adult wear?!

Haiyah!! Queue up for nearly 1 and 1/2 hrs and got only 7 mins!! Chit tor loh! :)