Saturday, November 17, 2007

Floaters chk done

I went to Island hospital for an eye check up due to the floaters problem on Friday afternoon.

It's been kinda disturbing for a few months lately on my right eye. The mosquitoes seemed to be increasing to some times 3x instead of the old 1x. It's kinda haunting me every second that I started to blame that perhaps it was because of the staring-at-pc time has increased a lot lately due to workload.

Argh! this type of checking ah, it once enough lah! So geli...

My appointment was set at 2.30p.m. I reached there at ~2p.m. As usual, visual checking was done by the nurses before the DR arrived. It's fine. (yeah, I am glad to hear that again! after about 8 yrs). At first they put some 'eye drops' on my both eyes to check and OK. At that moment my eyes were already felt the eye balls got swollen already.

Then later on, the Dr said gonna put somemore eye drops to open up the 瞳孔 to check more thouroughly etc. I told him to do both eyes lah since already come mah. There were two types of eye drops, the first one was kinda like 'lemon' type ('see see' = hokkien) lah. I hate this loh! The 2nd dripping of such eye drops was about 20 min away. waited and waited..and gradually your vision got's like lao lang bak, you see far still clear, but when you try to look near, ah ha! BLUR...

So there went the 2nd time of checking...this was the process that was geli lah, to me! The DR put the some kind of like 'hair-gel' thing on top of one eye piece (like the microscope eye piece), then fix into your eye lids can feel that the gel was actually in contact with your eyeballs now. Then he one hand holding that eyepiece, another hand rotating the scope, so that he can see your eyeballs all around. At one time the eye piece dropped due to I blink he tried to FIX again (meaning to open up your eye lids and get that eye piece plugged onto your eyeball again loh, argh!). So after the right eye, same process went to the left eye.

The result was "it's OK!" ...........yes, that's the most pang sim word to hear from Dr. :)

The paling syiok one was, the cashier managed to get ING approved my guarantee lettter and thus the the consultation this time was FOC! Phew~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!! it's not much lah I know, but RM65 is 'something' could mean a 4/5 tank of petrol (?!)

The effect of blur eye sight lasted about 2 hrs oi.....whatever I saw e.g. the traffic light, the street lamps, the back lights of cars etc...all got spiky shapes one like durian! As time passed by the spiky shape became smaller and smaller.