Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shu Qi 2

Lately everything seemed to be not right.

I thought my wallet was lost last Sat. I only realized when I wanna pay the cashier. "Oh shit! My wallet was lost! Do you accept card?" "Er.....your amount not enough leh, cannot wor." #%$^&*!~ After much effort spent on calling back home (for zillion of times with frustration) - *the phone was not properly placed thus I couldn't get hold of anyone* -> asked the colleague's xx to walk to my house to ask them to call me etc etc etc -> yeah, finally I confirmed that it was left at home. The ramen was right in front of me, but my appetite has dropped more than half already.. :(

I felt like boycotting this H*** bank already coz it moved to qbay lah! It will be more inconvenient for us loh. Yesterday I took half day leave planning to replace my M**bank ATM card, and also going to R** bank apply for a ATM card and also open up another current acc there. At the end I spent a total of 3 1/2 hrs. After I've waited for so long near to finishing everything, this pathetic office said,"OK, in order to link your card to this acc, you need to queue again by taking the number" (Oh yeah, couldn't you tell me earlier so that I do not have to waste another round of waiting!) OK, I waited....finally it's my turn. "You need to go down to this branch wor coz we couldn't activate for you here blah blah blah......". It was 11.50a.m. oi! I sped down to Jelutong branch to link my acc. Phew~! not having lunch yet you know. Frankly speaking, not only this time, I have in fact visited a few times already and I got to admit taht this branch's service was really not as good as Jelutong branch loh.

This was not bad enough. My tyre was punctured again(!) when I was halfway to office. Again, it's the motorcyclist that told me then only I aware. Boh huat tor, I got to drive slowly to the office. It was my 3rd time already oi tyre punctured in one year time. Twice battery flat - forgot to turn off the light.

At night, looking at the mor-mor (furry) sweater (that I used to wear at office) became so 慘不忍睹 oi, the tuala fur all sticking to my sweater aiyoyoh....beh tahan liao, not the first time already, but this time very teruk loh. I suddenly aware that "ei, where's my denim jacket uh?!" I couldn't find it in my wardrobe. Holy shit! I must have left it during one of the trips, either taiwan or bangkok lah! Hmm........

So, again, like the Jurlique case, on profit sharing day-eve, I grabbed this. I have waited long enough by wearing this 街邊貨 watch for more than 1 and 1/2 yrs. I have been keeping my eye on this one, not the brand, but any with soft black strap type and small glass face. I only managed to get the 20% disc one nia lah as I got no time to search for that shop giving 25% one after changing my mind from ck back to bonia again. I got only 1 hr time off. I couldn't resist liao after wearing it and found that the leather strap was so damn soft compared to others. It's almost near to shop closing time when I bought it.

OK, why this post was titled as Shu Qi2.

See the list.
1) watches (1 black leather strap, 1 s/s link strap).

2) wallet

3) sweater / jacket for office.