Saturday, March 08, 2008

枇杷 Loquat

Have you ever seen a real loquat fruit (枇杷) growing from a loquat tree? locally?

枇杷(Eriobotrya japonica) - 枇杷的英文Loquat来自芦橘的粵語音译 (from Wikipedia).

See? This is the real one! Snapshot from the tree! looked so juicy hor?! :)

Another smaller one.

枇杷樹 (loquat tree)

Plucking ripe loquat. (The tree donators came and experienced their virgin loquat plucking!)
Let you see the size.
This is the first time this loquat tree bears fruits. We counted and it was less than 10x biji. I have tasted 1x yesterday and it was very sweet!
Hopefully next year we got more to share out lah ya!