Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Take Care

"Take care."

You told me that you super SUPER hate(!) it when ppl said this to you, pretending that she is concerned, but in actual the words were blurted out meaninglessly, not even carried any sense of courtesy.

OMG! This term is over-used. I agree. Everyone tends to use 'take care' as the end of sentence but how many times were it used at heart?

Surrounding me nowadays are the clouds of resignation. You felt like relinquishing your mgr offer, over here there ARE people resigning. *sad oh*

I always believe that whoever tendering the resignation got to have the guts to do so! *salute* Must be a HARDY icon!

Sometimes we need to resign on impulse, coz once it's been pondered over too long, it will not be successful.

I wanna ask you....
Are you losing hope in them? or us?
Are you losing faith in the co.?
Are you losing track in your career path?
Are you having a boss who is hard to please?
Are you not paid in par with the workload and resposibility you carried?
Are you not happy working in a 'kiamsiap' co.?
Are you 'paralysed' working in such co.?
Are you over-stressed and working under pressure 24/7?

Never in my mind has this fellow appeared to be a candidate as my hardy icon. Now he is.

Lei hou yeah!