Monday, June 23, 2008

What's Next?!

"Old-Man" bicycle

Mum bought this @ RM210. I know it's nothing compared to my old MTB lah but "no fish, prawn also good" lah hor?! :) It's nice to cycle OLD MAN bicycle as it's BIG enough and got "kochabi" feel too! :) Hehe, other than for exercise purpose, it can also become one source of cost cutting - to go market & places nearby. MY dream is cycling to work(!) but it turns almost impossible by considering the heavy traffic & safety on road.

"Have to cut cost on facial products", Not only one but a few already whom I've heard from. Let's switch to middle-lower range. The Face Shop & SKINFOOD brands have started to poison our minds. Alright, I started with this one. RM38.50 only.