Wednesday, July 30, 2008

S&C Movie

24 Jul 08 was the day S&C started screening. I have prepared one week ahead for this S&C screening but it ended up I got to cancel it due to meeting.

Therefore we watched it 2 days later.

I booked and picked up the tickets 2 days ahead. They were astonished,"Wah...super efficient wei? super fan of S&C leh! If we last minute FFK (fong feng kei), how leh?!"

I told them, "If you ppl FFK or be late, I'll give to any leng chai who passed by in front of me.Hiak! "

This was my first movie in cinema for the year 2008 leh. Don't play play har.

It's an early show therefore the whole cinema only got an audience of 10x?! Syiok!! felt like 包廳 !

One uncle who came alone left halfway during the show. Haha! He must be bored till death watching all the four characaters inside there chee chee zhar zhar.


You are Carrie, but not Carrie Bradshaw.

Mr Big exists in the movie nia.

I am awake, don't worry! Hah! :)