Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beh khi!

If you met an accident on the way back home from office , on the road where a lot of your colleagues passing by, will they stop their cars to offer help ?

I recently experienced myself and was disappointed over the attitude of my colleauges. Some of those were same office as me. Some were considered in close 'working connection' with me too.

Only one stopped when I was nearly done with the 'knocker'. The rest only came to you the next day and asked," Hey, how is your car ah yesterday? kena knock ah? blah blah blah......."

$#^&*^@#$;*^@#>&* !
Even if it's a road block by police and I was blocked by police, how? Would that forbid you from stopping by? If you do not break any traffic rules, why are you scared to stop?
soooooooo beh khi!