Sunday, November 08, 2009

No more headache on internet connection!

After almost 1 and half weeks of struggling with incosistent internet connection, today finally comes to an END.

All this while we thought that it's the streamyx problem or the rainy days, apparently it's not. It's actually me fighting over the same line with my bro! (All this happened after I moved my pc upstair.)

Today I made a call to Telekom. Within half an hour the guy came (which I didn't expect it to be so fast, since it's SUNDAY). The encik followed us up and down, down and up, crawling to the back of our house, up to our roof and etc to find where the problem is. We suspected the line PUTUS somewhere in the middle, which is concealed inside the wall. He also made a few calls back to office to check and confirm for us which line belongs to which.

After searching high and low for about half an hour, we decided to ask him to CUT and connect a brand new line lah.

After cutting the line at one end, he detected the line WORKING already ! Phew~!!! Save us another few tens ringgit to buy the connecting wires (which we've actually bought after he told us to do so, but then we managed to return since we are JIRAN always pong chan one mah)!

He is sooooooo helpful! From the past few times of experience with telephone line problems, Telekom actually impressed me a lot with their friendly and efficient service.

When I mentioned calling TELEKOM, I am referring to the faulty line complaint , not streamyx ok?! :)