Tuesday, November 17, 2009

PM Online sucks

Through 'repurchase' transaction,

1) You won't be able to see how much you have sold and what is the amount that you got. Until you got the hardcopy statement mailed to your doorstep.

2) No status update available online as of whether it's been transacted successful? or pending etc. No emails sent out to inform the status too. It's so lousy compared to US online trading website which you can see it in real time format.

3) In case you choose direct bank in (instead of cheque) and if you are not a public mutual gold member, you can only choose maybank or public bank, other banks are not allowed. You got to wait until the KL branch to call you,"Hey, we can't transfer to you this xxx bank lah. We only accept maybank and public bank." "How come it doesn't prompt me when I was processing?" "Well, it's stated in the clause there , that clicking 'agree' page. " Why it's so poor? Why can't there be a window popping up stopping us just right at that particular page when I was online processing it?!

It's ONLINE, suppose to make people feel confident, convenient, easy to retreive info and fast in processing. It ended up not professional and slow. :(