Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Sometimes I pity those air-stewardesses who need to deal with barbaric and inconsiderate people.

During the flight from KL to Penang, there was this male passenger who put his luggage bag underneath the seat. He was told by the aircrew to place it on top cabinet since his seat was next to emergency exit doorway. He at first reluctant and then later he said OK but he needed the air-steward to help carrying on top because he got back ache. The air-stewardess said “I will help you, you just need to give me one lift to assist me putting it up”. Yes, after a few attempts, she managed to get it on top without second man’s help. His luggage size is much bigger than the standard size allowed to carry on board, and heavy too. Wouldn't it be 'easier' for him to check his luggage in?!

The most irritating part is this indian guy started to switch his handphone ON when the plane was descent for landing. Mind you, not yet landed, but just about to start landing! We were still high up in the sky. Phew~! Then he started calling (not yet landed still) ! I guess he couldn’t get through and repeated calling and calling…. numerous times.

As far as I am concern, most airlines advise passengers to turn off all electronic devices as the aircraft door is about to be closed. After take off, passengers may be told which devices can be operated during flight. Once descent for landing has started, passengers are advised to turn "off" electronic devices.

For safety reason, passengers were requested not to use cellular telephones as they may interfere with flight communications or navigation.

From the way he tried to hide it from other passengers’ sight while both switching the cellular telephones on and starting to make calls, I knew well he was AWARE of this regulation.

So, how could this fellow still be acting in such a selfish way har?!Grrrr………..