Sunday, September 04, 2005

Save money

My saving money tips.

1) Don't go shopping malls simply to kill time .

2) Don't simply buy anything. Think twice before buying.
(My lelong experience told me - to buy is very easy, but in order to sell your items off is not). This mainly includes clothes, accesories, cosmetic and other products.

3) For health consumable products, make sure I'll be confident in finishing up at least 70% of the products then only I buy.
(still trying .....:))

4) Accumulate and run several errands at one time
.(I know penang is a small island and people tends to travel here and there wildly day in day out with no sweat. Remember this : petrol, money, energy & time ar all inter-related.)

5) Stand firm when signing up courses. Sign only when necessary. Must dare to say NO to 'promotion'.

6) Reuse and recycle. (This is more towards hobbies rather than saving :) )

7) Do housekeeping often. This way will alert me on how 'complete' I have for my stuffs.

8) Cancel additional credit cards. Immune to their gimmicks.

Basically, cut down the times of 'going out' = cut down your expenditure.:) But....hunting for food once in a while will certainly violates above rules right?! then it's OK lah. ha! :)

I want to stress that I do not like people behaving very stingy. Therefore I am not going to be one either. Spend wisely rather than thriftlessly.

I am so happy when knowing that the longest shopping mall at the coastal highway is resuming construction after being abandoned for soooo many years. Another one is the upcoming Giant at Jalan Tengah in a few months' time. All these are located at south-west region of Penang. VERY GOOD!