Sunday, September 18, 2005


It was lucky that I did not freeze myself off during sleep as I have left my sweater in their company car the night before.

The second day (16/9/05) was an even more rushing day. Since I woke up later than planned, I have got only ~ 15 min to take my breakfast at Swenson and check out before the driver came to fetch us at 7.30a.m. Therefore this time I really did not have much appetite for breakfast.

The journey to this plant took us ~2 hrs. This was a newly set up plant, more spacious and impressive than the one in SG. The managers here are more handsome too (Ha!). We started what we should do immediately upon reaching there as we knew very well that we were short of time.When it came to one particular process which I was told to emphasize on, I took nearly 1 hour. I felt sorry for them too as I have dragged their lunch hour a little bit late.

We drove to town to have our lunch at Beijing Restaurant. 6 persons in total. I was told that the taukeh of this restaurant has opened four restaurants under the same name in Johor alone, covering both halal and non-halal markets. This time we had chinese food (Yes!). The dishes were delicious but still I got to close-one-eye-up when talking about cholesterol. :) There was one special tiny cup of vege juice for everyone before the main dishes were served. It was 菜心汁 - vege blended together with pineapple. Hmm...surprisingly very good taste.

After lunch, we continued till ~4.00p.m.before we departed to airport. We dare not take the risk of departing any later than that since the roads' traffic to Senai airport was told to be 'unpredictable'. From there onwards the most torturing part of the 2-day-audit-trip began. The long journey from Johor -> KL -> Penang nearly drove me nuts. We waited about 2 hrs at the Senai airport -> transit in KL we waited another 2 hrs (connecting flight from KCH was delayed due to aircraft down at Miri). I was very exhausted that I dozed off during the flight from Johor to KL. But then I became awake again when it reached KLIA, hehe. (why?! coz got more stores / things to see already mah :)).

I went out to departure hall there for dinner, walked around and bought 1pc of Famous Amos handmade soft cookies. (I started to like this particular fresh-baked soft cookies since my first try on it last year at KLIA. I am not one who is into either biscuits or cookies but then I really like this kind of really-soft 'wet' cookies) . I visited the bookshop and found out that both Candace Bushnell and Sophie Kinsella got new releases oh. Hmm...I shall check them out further at Penang later. I met colleague and friends too in the same flight.

The KL-PG flight took off at ~ 10.40p.m. finally. Reaching home already ~ 12 midnight. Gosh!