Sunday, September 25, 2005

Intro to MicroE Design & Fabrication

I have finally finished studying this book. Phew~~! You know what?! Since I am pretty much a ‘bio’ type of person, I have always been paying salute to those people who specialized in EE (Electrical & Electronics), Physics or equivalent. How on earth could they have comprehended all these uh?! :)

This book is good in terms of providing a very basic overview of what I aim to understand. Basically it covers the following:
Basic Electronics
Fundamentals of Integrated Circuits
Crystal Growth and Wafer Preparation
Circuit Design and Layout
Wafer Fabrication
Assembly, Packaging and Final Test
Circuit Types
(感谢Mr 同事 借我这本书,并且

Now at least I know roughly what are these terms about : “p” type, “n” type, CMOS, bipolar, Bi-CMOS, doping, n well, source and drain, gate, flats, scribing, ingot, photo mask, reticle, lattice, patterning, photolithography, anisotropic etching, ion implantation, dopant ions, diffusion, anneal process, CVD (chemical vapor deposition), metallization, CMP (chemical mechanical polishing) ……
(ok, if you don’t know what I am talking about then perhaps it’s time for you to take up one similar book to start reading too, ha! :) )