Sunday, July 30, 2006

St Anne's Festival (II)

Climbing up the staircase at the back of the church and you will see this at the top of the hill.
StAnne 08

StAnne 09
Looking down from the staircase.
StAnne 092 St. Anne's water
StAnne 091
Coming down to the church at the side.
StAnne 093
The big compound in front of the church gathered lots of people.
StAnne 094

One last shot before we went back.
StAnne 096

p/s : Thanks to our 'tour' guide, J for his hospitality and also the bak kut teh (oops, forgot to snap photos tim!).

We proceeded to E-gate Old Town Kopitiam to meet Yy. Old town menu
Old town butter kaya toast......... *wharp*
Old town dishes