Saturday, July 08, 2006

Very sick lah

I've been sick from 30th Jun till now. This time is very chia lat.During day time it's worse , with blocked nose everyday, covering with face mask plus another piece of N95. During night time I couldn't breathe and couldn't sleep. I went for another clinic on Thu night and proceeded to work the following day, which was actually a holiday. Boh huat tor, I got to work since the schedule was so damn packed. Replacement later date lah.

So, going into the room everyday with swollen eyes, blocked nose, sneezings and coughings and somemore wrapped with that pao-kar-bat-bat wear - Argh! it's very suffocating leh. Anyhow, yesterday I have finally kao tim the recipe which was workable and presentable. At least we got some kao tai *I sao tong immediately with rocket's pace*