Sunday, December 03, 2006

Take off your masquerade

Whatever the past is let it be bygones
I have read through your masquerade
There has been so many people stepping in and out
I have always been the one watching at your stupid behaviour from far
I know whatever you did will make yourself end up being a lonelystar
It turns true now

You can say whatever you want
But do you really feel them
Do you mean what you say
Do you understand who you are
Do you know what you did

Everything has come too late
To let it be as how we are right now is the only possibility

You have broken too many hearts
Guess you've known too
But chose to ignore
You took all their love for granted
Why oh why
And now the show is over
Say good-bye for all

You deserve to be what you are right now
I am sorry to say so

*Playing now is "Take A Bow" by Madonna*

(Curious at what made me writing so sentimentally? Go to find out at the private F room *wink* )