Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Secret Lovers (秘密男女)

Haha! Looking at the title you must be thinking I gonna talk about BGR right? No way man. It's a korean drama lah! :p

Gosh, it has been quite some time since I last chose after drama like this. I still remember the last time I kinda siao one was Triumph in the Sky (TVB series). That's how its effect of Italy has on me lah! :) Everytime after watching I surely regretted one lah coz wasted too many cheng shin mah. Everytime after that I also 'vowed' not to chase after any drama series anymore if not by accident. :)

So this one also came by accidentally one lah. The other day simply browsed through the channels after watching a makan show (astro) and so happened it's this korean drama, so I mah watch and see loh. So ngam it was episode 1 tim woh! So sei for liao loh! Tiuk tiao liao loh after 3 days. now I have managed to finish watching it through 'other' channel. :) Gosh! I cried like siao for the last episode! Of coz not because of the main actress got cancer or ill this type of storyline lah OK (like normal Korean drama got one).

I love to watch all the main four actors/actresses in this drama especially this Kim Suk-Hoon. Ya I know most of you will surely comment again," Lao chek one! Uncle liao leh! " Ha! You people should know already mah. Beh tong leh, hior?! :)

秘密男女 (The Secret Lovers) featuring 韓智慧 Han Ji-hye,金石鄖Kim Suk-hoon,宋善美 Song Seon-mi,權伍中 Kwan Oh-joong.

The Secret Lovers 01

The Secret Lovers 02

The Secret Lovers 05

The Secret Lovers 06

The Secret Lovers 07

The Secret Lovers 09
The Secret Lovers 013

The Secret Lovers 014

Playing now is "I'd Rather Dance With You" by Kings of Convenience (one of the songs in "The Secret Lovers").