Wednesday, December 13, 2006


For me such a person who doesn't drink coffee at all one, ya, Star-sucks or Coffee-bins. :)

Yesterday I was kinda 'gong gong' drank that I-dunno-what coffee with vanilla, instead of my pure vanilla shake. It could be either that fellow or the waiter who had placed the order wrongly.

After my first sip,"How come got coffee inside my vanilla one?!" GOSH!

I continued to drink lah, sayang mah. Then I thought after so many years perhaps I have 'improved' already leh. Never mind lah.

When I was about to drive home, I started to "orgh! orgh! orgh!...." but nothing came out.

And you know what?! The best thing was I stayed awake till ~ 4 :(

FYI the last time I vomitted after drinking the coffee from Starsucks or Coffeebins was ~6 years ago.

Friend, I am giving you a warning here ah. Next time if you want me to fan min (反面) with you ah, very easy only lah, you just have to order one cup of coffee nia lah. That's it. 我肯定会憎死你! :p

p/s : While I was there, the back of my seat was the main entrance to TGIF. People already started asking," What is the X'mas menu har? Can do booking or not har?" blah blah blah......