Monday, December 18, 2006

throwing queen

You people know already lah I like to throw and tidy up things one. On and off you people will be saying 'chi kei lor fu lei san one lah you' when hearing that I am doing that AGAIN. Well, I can not stand things to be untidy mah. I know some of you have already said that it's OK, but still......for me, there must be accumulatively some things bound to be out of the track, not placed properly etc, right?! *Siao liao this cha bor* *roll eyes* ?!

I've been doing the cleaning and throwing chores for 3 rooms over the last two days. All started due to the servicing and relocation of those air conds lah. If possible, I hardly place many things outside that will end up easily collecting dust and need washing and cleaning often etc lah. So now with the kids around, I ought to be even more careful. This time I took this opportunity to keep whatever can be hidden from their hands one inside the cabinets all, I mean, aside from those already properly kept long long time ago. I keep and hide more this round. *Siao liao this cha bor* *roll eyes again*?!

Hahahahaha! zhao for yap mor liao! :p