Friday, June 22, 2007

My KL story goes like this...

My flight was at 5.10p.m. but then it was announced 'cancelled' (not 'delayed', but 'cancelled' oh) due to the planes were not able to land thus they putar balik to KL. (Tau lah apa sebabnya kan? The storm rain + wind mia pasal loh).

Therefore, due to unforseen 'operational' reason (which was announced so), it ended up a lot of F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck here and there, from different races. Hehe, especially those who got connecting flight at KL to Bangkok and KCH.

The pic showed the crowd flocking at the boarding gate awaiting to be 'allocated' with upcoming flights at 6 something pm. (It was at first told by them the earliest next available flight was 7.45pm which let every passenger frowned).

OK, after all the fuss, I finally checked in the Impiana-KLCC hotel, rated 4 stars wor. (RM599 nett for two nights).

It was about 9 something then I went out to cari makan myself. The hotel bellboy told me to go to KLCC using cut-short way - which was opposite the hotel, went through a car park, then walked past the mandarin oriental hotel and then entering the KLCC park. It was there that I witnessed a snatch theft happened on a couple, who were about 10 steps away from me. I didn't aware until the lady fell down, yelled out loud, and I saw the security guards ran past me, one from my side, another one from my back. Well, OK, I did not think they managed to catch them lah.

I stood there in the middle for quite 'some' time (I think 1 min) until my 'consciousness' was fully 'back' then I quickly walked to KLCC entrance. I just couldn't imagine with just another 20 steps or more away there were so many ppl there in front of the fountain and yet the snatch thieves dare to do so in the public.

I looked at the entrance there stated' close at' . Wahlau, I cincai chose one restaurant which is nearest to me lah. Guess where ?!

OK, that's my workshop.

The first night was spent yao chae hor looking at the city, thanks to Botak.

The 2nd night was spent having dinner with Lena.

For these two days, I walked a lot leh. Coz during the day, we got very limited time to get info
at Nepcon. I got to steal time loh to go during lunch and also after the workshop finished. Thanks to two very friendly malacca-co guys for being my sifu on where to locate the booths I aimed for.

Hmm! talking about this. I could still remember the LC guy (who is actually my ex-form6- schoolmate) that we met during A* wedding dinner ~two weeks ago. He was so LCLY when I asked him for something about this field. Compared to these two (malacc) guys who have had 10 & 12 yrs experience respectively in this field - it's like 'sky and earth', man! They were so friendly and willing to share and introduce you to the vendors they know. LC for what?!