Friday, June 01, 2007

Satisfied II

I found that some of you were pretty OK (meaning not skip reading it but asking me for more details instead) when I mentioned the stuffs redeemed the other day.

Handi Hanger (19,000pt) - yah...handy mah but shake lai shake khi leh.

Moulinex Vitae Juice Extractor (39000 pt) - the quality of coz good lah but use once in a while nia loh. :) No more apple juice with 'poek' by using blender (like last time). :)

Akemi goose feather pillow (4400pt bonuslink) - Good +syiok ah!

Cozzi 2 pcs padded cushion cover - got 'quality' mia type loh (2400 pt bonuslink). It became pong pong (padded mah) no lembik lembik sam phee kor one after you squeezed your pillow in.