Tuesday, June 12, 2007

No cinderella night

Last Sat was a girls-night-out. We 5x (LK, Len,Lil, CL and I) in one car going down to town to attend A* wedding dinner. We were late in departure due to Len was coming all the way from KL. I guess it has been at least > 6 yrs since we 5x this combination last got the chance to travel together inside a car for an outing.

After the dinner, we went to meet up WM at eGate and chatted till 12.

It's also for the 2nd time that we dropped by CL house in the midnight (over 12 a.m.)! Last time was LK and I. This time so happended the other 3x haven't been there b4 so before Lil dropping everyone off, we all went up again loh to CL house. Ha! I really did not know how will CL's hubby think of us, "how come my wife's friends like to come to our house during midnight one ah?"

It's a golden opportunity for us this combination to hang out over cinderella hours. Hardly available in years! Therefore eventhough we were tired, sleepy (at least two!) but excited heng chiok chiok to join also lah.

The result of hanging out till late for one nite was for the subsequent few days I could not go back to my usual bed time. Argh!! :(