Saturday, September 15, 2007

Brand tag 情结

OK,我要再说一次,白痴也好,痴ma筋也好,我的另一个让人"OMG!有没搞错?!"的嗜好就是收集brand tag.

我算过了, 目前大约有不同款式的统共850 pcs. 离我的目标二千张还远叻!亲爱的,请多多捐献, 好吗? 我从来没有停止收集叻,所以别把它们给丢弃了.

The brand tags could be from ANY items. I still remember Qn gave me a tag from a new wok brought by her sis! I sapu also! Ha!

My niece arranged for me this box one.

Here got some of those grouped under 'others' type one, got huan tui tong ei sticker oi(!), got key chains, bookmarks and the remote control cover stickers etc, see?

Here's my 至尊 super box! My beloved special or ultra good quality brang tags are all here.

super collection I

super collection II