Sunday, September 09, 2007

Free dress

Wah, lately I was presented some free dresses loh. Syiok!! :p

Gift from GuangZhou trip.

Courtesy from YC. Wah......chaeng ah! ngam ngam fit ah! Save money for dinner dress again. :)

Wanna talk about difficulty in finding Ginvera marvel gel near my area. I don't wish to buy those come in package (come with cleanser etc) one lah, just the individual piece. SS takde, Giant guardian takde, I-Avenue watson takde, egate guardian takde....I got them finally at Tesco's Watson! Got 3 generations already leh. First generation is the plain- look marvel gel (the cheapest). 2nd generation is the green tea + whitening marvel gel(add~RM10). 3rd generation is the nutri white marvel gel (almost same price with the first).
Below is the 3rd generation one. I know lah got difference btw 1st and 2nd, but the 3rd?! What's the difference leh heh?