Saturday, October 13, 2007

Taiwan 2007 (episode VI)

Day 6 - Back to Taipei

We got to wake up early in order to catch a high speed train (搭乘高铁)back to Taipei.

At the station. I was still energy to walk around lah. The tour members were all very juak sim, soooooo kam tong. :)

At 忠烈祠 ....neh, the one famous for its soldiers standing like robot. :)

See or not? still 'pua peh' look.... Not yet got the chance to buy extra shoes lah due to Feng Jia 2nd visit was screwed up, so I was actually from day 3 onwards wearing slipper nia. :)

The stamp collection I bought from 故宫博物馆. The group pic we took by a pro photographer at Zhong Zheng Ji Nian Tang.

Taipei 101.

At Taoyuan (桃园) 住都hotel.
My sao wok of the day.... at 士林夜市 (ShiLin night market) . Finally managed to get the shoes during the very last night. :)

Day 7 (Taiwan -> Penang) at TaoYuan airport.