Sunday, November 23, 2008

15th Penang Internatinal Open Dance Sport Championship vs Health & Beauty Fair

I always support PISA events except those related to PC.

15th Penang Internatinal Open Dance Sport Championship

Again, I wanna tell a bit of the side topics....
1) Gosh, waited for 1 hour! Ticket stated 6.30p.m. but the dance competition started at 7.30p.m (I believe pressure was given to the organizer loh). The MC announced that a lot of ppl were late, caught up at Penang bridge 'jam. Poor them, poor us!
2) After two of the junior dance competition then only reverted to opening speech, 4x of them! Only the first one gave a very short speech, the rest....damn long one. We couldn't hear clearly on what they delivered (due to the culprit- sound system) and neither did we have the patience to listen too. We wanted to see the Latin dance lah!
3) Later on there was an introduction parade for all the countries' participants including our own one, Malaysia. The introduction of judges followed by then.
4) When all this completed, it was almost 8.45p.m. if not mistaken. Luckily we bought a lot of food from the stalls outside the entrance. We didn't seem to stop munching.
5)Latin dance: Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive, Passo Doble.
Latin dance is the one that most of the ppl keen in watching. Whenever the Latin dance competition began, most of the ppl would lean forward.
6) Ballroom dance : Waltz, Viennese waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep.
Ballroom dance became a bit 'dull' when you have seen so many of them, especially when your eye lids were getting heavier and heavier when near to midnight.
7) There was a Belly dance performance arranged to slot in the middle of the event.
8) The event finished at 12.30a.m.(!)

Hopefully next year the event can kick off punctually and more people will attend to see the competition!

Health + Beauty Fair

I thought the beauty expo has been cancelled. Luckily there's still THIS coming up.

I was a bit disappointed as the participating stalls were not that many, only occupying 'half of the circle'. How I wish that the whole circle of the arena could be occupied, like during the Matta Fair or Food Fair. If this is not organized in conjuction with the 2008 Penang International Line Dance Carnival, I think you won't expect such a crowd then.

Anyway, this time I got myself a trial pack on Me-O cosmeceutical.