Friday, November 14, 2008

Another damage!

I missed my pair of Adidas sport polarized sunglass very much! That was the pair that I started wearing during my mountainbiking golden days. Why I like that pair of sport sunglass leh?! coz ...

1) The nose piece is made of rubber and it stands high on my nose, thus it won't touch my cheek even when I am not smiling. Rubber-made nose piece is very comfy to wear.
2) The nose piece and the skeleton can be adjusted, furthermore they can be dismantled. Kena pijak also never mind, just fix it back will do. I have accidentally sat on it a few times at car seat, "preeeeeaaak" the sound..Oh no...I thought it must have broken odi but it ended up?! Fixed back, no problem at all!
3) 2-in-1 use. can be used for both mountainbiking and casual.
4) polarized glass - better vision.
5) Long least for years until it was 'stolen'!

Since then I bought a temporary non-sporty sunglass to wear.

I have tried searching for that same pair of Adidas sunglass at many shops but then in vain. :( Finally I went back to the same old shop, Chan Visual Care @ BJ to look for other brands.

This is my choice. The main reason I go for this is reason (1) above.
White?! no choice leh, only got this colour left. No black anymore.