Monday, May 07, 2007

Family day 07

This year was held at Bayview Beach-> Mutiara open beach there 6-May-07. I managed to play only jet skii as I was later lembik vomit toe tit tit after joining the fear factor makan session. I 含泪 gave my parachute ticket to ppl.

The mild games.

Ha! That's me. Yao chee sai, mou sat zhai at all.

The fear factor round I,II and III.

Fear factor final round.

For me, I vomitted immed after the 1st round -> came out only carrot + orange -> was lying flat on the car parking area coz the chilli was making me very ow zui -> went to mobile toilet to blah...-> coming out vomitted chilli at last -> stomach and everything inside was burning hot-> crawled halfway to ambulance, lembik knee down on ground -> at last managed to crawl to ambulance asking for help -> was given rehydrating solution + rest for nearly 1 hr-> stayed there till 11 something -> ate only satay + nugget (the only things edible for us the sick one) , the rest all sour spicy oily food + cold drinks -> Resumed energy, watching fear factor final -> when it's almost time to go back, 乐极生悲, there happened the parachute accident .see below.

Our car driver K was hit by the metal due to parachute string broken while landing. His forehead was bleeding. The little girl who was in front of her hurt her ear too. We the 3x who followed his car got to split up. We ended up driving his car / following the ambulance to GMC. We got about 4-5 cars at the same time rushing down from Mutiara -> GMC.

We had our very late lunch at Sin Sei Kai after settling everything at hospital including waiting till he finished the stitching etc.

*Very lembik exhausted look at SSK.....~~~~~~*