Thursday, May 31, 2007


I strongly believe in what 光明 posted today in OL edition. OK, I translated here for those who can't read han4 yu4.

1. 邮件最能撒谎. 面谈时,有可能通过表情泄漏天机; 打电话时, 难免语塞.而邮件永远不会. (Email can lie the most. During face to face talking, you may be betrayed by your face expression; while you make a call over the phone,you may be speechless, but email will never do so.)

2. 邮件是最职业的公务交办手段, 它可以丝毫不带感情色彩. (Email is the best occupational tool for office socialization as it does not carry any emotional substance).

3. 最后填写收件人,因为一个误操作, 它可能送出一份空信,令对方造成你工作粗糙的印象. (Key in the addressee lastly as you may end up sending out a blank mail due to a wrong keystroke and thus giving the receiver a bad impression of you in terms of job performance).

4. 愤怒时不要用 email. Email很难传送幽默,但很容易传达愤怒. (Don't use email while you are angry as email is very difficult in conveying humour but very easily to deliver your anger).

5. 使用有意义的标题,让收信人一下就能明白里面是什么,同时也区别于垃圾邮件. (Use meaningful subject so that the receiver can easily grasp the content of the email as well as differentiate yours from the junk mails).

6. 简短.如果有很多话,可以列成要点. (Be brief. If you got a lot of stuffs to tell, write in point forms then).

7. 休假时应设置自动回复,这是礼貌和方便的问题.但不要给私人邮件设这种东西,免得有心人知道你家里没人. (When you are on vacation pls activate the auto reply feature. This is the matter of being polite and convenient to the other parties. However this must not be applied on the personal email as you will let ppl know that you are putting your house vacant).

8. 使用表情.如果你的情绪可能被误解,就加上笑脸. (Use expression. If you are scared that your emotion could be misunderstood, pls add a smile).

I would like to stress on No.4 and 8. To all the ah ngia and ah ba kor. :)