Sunday, May 20, 2007

Negative method

人在30岁以前, 可以用加法生活, 你在社会上积累财富,积累情感,积累经验,把自己充实.到30岁之后,要学会用减法,勇敢地抛弃和拒绝内心不想要的东西.[摘自于丹]

Today Guang Ming showed this quotation at 副刊 that caught my attention.

Ya, I am more daring to say NO now. The other day at Cosmart bakery buying mini donuts, mistaken RM1.60 for 5 pcs as RM1.60 for 15pcs due to the the price card was partially blocked. I said,” Situ kan tulis 5?” “ Itu card block lah, sepatutnya 15”. “Oh, macam tu then I ambil 5 aje lah”. Come on, I bought the donuts to pien kids saja, you thought I can take 15 pcs meh? When the cashier said,”sudah key punch masuk” and showed me that kind of “Cis” look, I said,” Cancel aje lah.” with crossed elbows. They were then very reluctantly forced to do it. Phew! I know I behaved rather 野蛮but don’t care lah! Getting older liao, face thicker liao, dare to say NO NO NO to unfair deal!

This is a simple example I quoted lah. I wanna relate this to some of the BGR stories of others but am afraid that I may have to reveal too much of other ppl's BGR. No good neh. So gals, start thinking about it and share with me what, where and how you apply the - methods.

Some of you who started getting worried of me blogging out your stories....pang sim lah. Not until I become a writer one fine day. :p