Sunday, July 01, 2007

Did I not walk enough uh?!

OK, during my stay in KL, I got to walk to and fro at least twice per day between Impiana Hotel & KL convention center. One time during lunch; another time after the workshop, before the Nepcon closed. Additional time was after bathing to go cari makan. Not to mention somemore the walking with me carrying the luggage inside the KLIA /Sentral there.

OK, now in Pg pula. Yesterday after walking two times of circles in matta fair (went in and out for two times) , when rushing to meet the gang at Qbay, damn I have to park my car near to the roundabout (due to the carnival causing traffic chaos there) and walk so damn long distance till the old town kopitiam that end.

Today, at matta fair again, another two and half times of circles walking inside including the 'yun wong lou' searching for my colleague BC! Later on from one booth to another comparing the itinerary and price etc, OK, I surrendered and made full use of every chance to sit down when they made enquiry. I let BC and her cousin to make the decision as for me taiwan trip with or without hualian coast also can one lah. At last it's settled to opt out that hualian and it was in late Sept.

Having finished that with kaki lenguh, at 4 p.m. I proceeded to Carpet Hike, which was a kang tao told by BC brother (mtb gang), prior to this matta fair. Hohoho! One hr of hike up to The Carpet route, argh! I have been to the Carpet many times with mountainbike in the past but not hiking up. This was my first time. This hike really brought back my memory on this killing ascending path which I hate last time when mtb! When BC and I reached there then only we happened to know that it was actually a group of BJ hikers that were invited by one of the estate owners to have a fruit party there. There were durians, nangka, cempedak, rambutan, porridge, char mee, tao eu bak and the best was the pu er tea. :) I tasted some also.

During this hiking trip, I was reminded again on my last mtb fall (2 yrs back). :( It was just a simple chat starting with asking whether if I have been to this route before. And you know lah......"Ya, mtb before but not hiking...." so on and so forth. Apparently the mtb circle was so well-linked that they (even from this group which I have never seen before) also knew about the story of this mtb lady who fell 'terribly' and never come back again. "Oh ! it's YOU hor.....that's why got to be careful loh blah blah blah blah.....*really felt like korek lubang aje* BC also added,"Ha, it seemed like your story has become an 'example' to alert the mtb'kers."

Ai...tolong....mai kuk kong liao! :)