Monday, July 02, 2007

Worry too much


Before I went to KL, I worried the journey of mine from Sentral to the hotel, whether to take a cab or a monorail. I worried that I might not be having enough time to get the info I was assigned to find out in Nepcon. I worried that I might not be having enough time to visit Lna's house. The one I worried most was the returning day when I had to take a cab during peak after-office hours to reach Sentral, in order for me to catch the flight in time.

During the departure day, my flight was cancelled then the crowd made big fuss about the 3-hr- later- next- available flight. Who knows then later I managed to squeeze in the 1-hr- later-available flight. I thought I would have to eat at hotel odi when I was in the cab directing to my hotel, who knows then I reached KLCC 30 mins before it closed and I managed to dine in Dome also.

Other than the Lna's house visit that I missed out, everything ended up ran smoothly. So why worried so much leh?! Sii kao sii tam thng , boh bi zhu huan tzu thng (when the 'time' comes it will be responsible by itself, no rice then cook sweet potato soup !)